iPad Folio Bluetooth Keyboard Case REVIEW

A review of the iPad Folio Case with built in Bluetooth keyboard. Bought from GEARZAP.COM.

Logitech’s FabricSkin Folio Turns Your iPad Into A Fashion Accessory – Hands On Review

Logitech is making headline news again with their new FabricSkin Folio. This attractive keyboard case for the iPad is both functional, and fashionable. You can protect every corner of your tablet while making a statement that tells the world you are ready to be seen.

We spent a couple of weeks with the FabricSkin and, after working the case as hard as possible, we have a...

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The Best Custom Logo Cases Now Available Online in the US

credit card cases, custom leather cases for the iPad and iPhone and Samsung galaxy cases. The company is dedicated to dealing directly with their clients, while seeking to innovate to meet their client demands regularly and effectively. The clients they ...

Microsoft Sweetens the Pot on Windows 8 & Surface Tablets

iPhone and MacBook Pro besides my Windows 8 laptops). With a $50 microSD I doubled my 64GB to 128GB, something I cannot do in the iPad without going to buy a whole new device. I got the Touch cover. Not sure why that would hold anyone back from buying ...

Gift Guide: Tech Gadgets for Father’s Day

A time-strapped dad? A sporty dad? An armchair sports dad? Whatever description fits we’re pretty sure the dad in your life isn’t hoping for socks or a tie this Father’s Day. Here’s our Father’s Day tech gift guide that has something ...

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