Apple iPad WiFi + 3G: Unboxing & Activation

Unboxing and Activating the 64GB Apple iPad WiFi + 3G.

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Android gets cheaper: Meet the $100 quad-core phone, $59 dual-core tablet

There are a lot of very cheap Android phones and tablets out there… but a lot of them have pretty awful hardware. If the Hisense Sero 7 Pro shows us anything though, it’s that the cost of good hardware is falling rapidly. These days you can ...

'DIRECTV' Update Allows For 3G, 4G Streaming

... its iPad app so that you can now stream live television to your tablet no matter where you are. When the iPhone and iPad application first launched, users had to be connected to a local WiFi network while streaming. With version 1.5 that is no longer ...

Intel Works To Develop Monolithic Integration Of Wifi And RF, Part I

In my first two articles for Seeking Alpha, I discussed my thoughts for why Intel (INTC) has seen relatively flat stock pricing over the past 10 years. One of my chief conclusions was that Intel has suffered from an untimely development and/or partnership ...

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