Battery powered mp3 speaker

here is a short video of an mp3 speaker I made from reclaimed junk speaker box and some spare amplifier parts...powered by internally housed 9v battery....I ...

Surfing with my tranny - The Nation

A new Wi-Fi Internet radio may look like an old fashioned transistor but it packs a much bigger punch

A six-in-one Wi-Fi Internet radio with great sound quality, the Sangean WFR-28 provides access to more than 18,000 Internet radio stations from around the world. It also acts as a wireless music streamer, an FM tuner, a USB music player, a speaker system for an MP3 player, a smart...


Battery Management Systems

Battery Management Systems

Battery Management Systems - Design by Modelling describes the design of Battery Management Systems (BMS) with the aid of simulation methods. The basic tasks of BMS are to ensure optimum use of the energy stored in the battery (pack) that powers a portable device and to prevent damage inflicted on the battery (pack). This becomes increasingly important due to the larger power consumption associated with added features to portable devices on the one hand and the demand for longer run times on...

Buying Guide 2003

Buying Guide 2003

Contains specific recommendations for various household products and car repair records.

PC Mag

PC Mag is a leading authority on technology, delivering Labs-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology.

WindowsXP Digital Music For Dummies

WindowsXP Digital Music For Dummies

Now you can give new meaning to the description “High-performance computer!” And you can even choose the performers—Elvis or Elton, the Beatles or Beethoven, Eminem or Englebert, Pfish or Pavarotti. Your Windows XP is like a concert hall, and Windows XP Digital Music For Dummies is just the ticket to get you in and get you enjoying digital music. It will help you get in tune with the times with note-by-note information on: Setting up your computer to handle music Using Windows Media Player...



Leadershift is about adapting and changing traditional models of leadership in response to the influence of mass collaboration, a form of collective action which occurs when large numbers of people work independently on a single project. Mass collaboration requires a form of leadership that is prepared to let go of the experience, expertise and control it holds precious. Emmanuel Gobillot describes how to adapt traditional leadership roles, and presents the tools necessary to succeed in this...

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Celebrity Dating Books

Would you take dating advice from a celebrity? Their dating life is certainly different than your average midlifer. They're in the spotlight and have their mistakes played out for everyone to see. Fame is tough on their relationships. But maybe that's why ...

Healthiest Cities and Worst Places to Live

Depending on its geography, culture and commitment to public health a city can promote healthy habits and an active life style, or do the opposite—encourage inactivity and poor health. If you're trying to choose a great place to retire, or just relocate ...

Philips SA4DOT02PN/37 2GB Go Gear Sound Dot MP3 Pink

Music becomes more fun With color choices, all ready to wear, Jive to the small and colorful GoGEAR Sounddot MP3 player. It comes with a built-in clip for attachment to clothes and the LED and sound indicators for easy navigation. Transfer music via Direct ...

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