iPEGA Shoulder Strap Folding Stand Hard Case For iPad 3/2

http://www.sw-box.com/iPEGA-Shoulder-Strap-Protective-Hard-Case-With-Stand-For-The-new-iPad-Black.html iPEGA is a well-known brand which invents lots of smar...

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Y'all, you all, or you guys? Dialect maps showcase America's many linguistic divides

Do you call a long sandwich of cold cuts a sub, a hoagie, or a hero? A slew of new maps prove how you answer this, and a load of other questions, can betray where in America you come from. The regional differences in America are apparent to anyone who has ...

High-tech gifts to update the low-tech dad

Longing for the era of their favorite music, they sit around puttering at “Stairway to Heaven” with some Metallica licks ... It measures the speed of the swing, the plane and arc of the swinging motion and the tempo. The information is ...

10 Retro-Style Cameras and Accessories

Digital Bolex ... price reflects the camera’s—and the company’s—heritage. The Chelsea from ONA is based on a traditional bowler bag design that’s perfect for photographers who want a classic and fashionable look when carrying their gear.

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