Bag Makeover : Organizing Tips

My first attempt directing stop motion! It took me over 5 hours shooting this 1 minute video! Whew! I have a new found respect for everything and anything st...

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Incipio LGND for iPad converts from case to stand

Once folded, magnets hidden in the cover will keep the fold in place. This will give you a 20-degree prop for typing, and if you flip your iPad around you can stand it up for landscape viewing at 45-degrees. While I quite like the feel of the cover ...

Ilpox by Marina Hoermanseder

The collection formed part of the Esmod Berlin International University of Art for Fashion exhibition and show at Graduate Fashion Week 2013 in London earlier in the week.

The experts' guide to summer: From getting fit for the beach to recreating that Olympic buzz

4) Declare yourself a conscientious Glastonbury objector: write a blog about this vis-a-vis the death of counterculture ... Or a bespoke Beatrix Potter-themed nursery staffed by helpful bunnies and bluebirds. You will neither be able to beat nor join ...

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